Vermillion Chronomalies (ARG)

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Vermillion Chronomalies is the second ARG of the Twelve Monoliths universe. It was played entirely within the Twelve Monoliths Discord Server.

It follows Zane, a middle aged man who wakes up in a strange environment that is heavily affected by his memories and experiences. It premiered on June 06, 2021 and ended on June 23, 2021. There is currently a text adventure game in development with extra story, endings, and more, called Vermillion Chronomalies (Game)


The Beginning

On June 06th, 2021 a few different channels appeared in the Twelve Monoliths Discord and the server image changed to a red background with a white clock ticking down before glitching out. The first new channel was dubbed The Monitor, with the second being dubbed The Controller.

Inside the controller, players found the following message to greet them:
The Controller

An ancient device. Used long ago to convey meaning and reveal the truth. The inputs are a bit rusted, but if given proper care, and if the correct input is received it should work as intended.

For now, the receiver in the controller is set to [OFF].

It looks like you will need to discover how to turn it [ON].

The Bunker

A new account going by the name Zane appeared to be only to communicate through the monitor. He wakes up inside a strange and mysterious bunker he's never seen before.


W-What? I? I can't see anything. It's so dark. The room all around's pitch black. Is anyone there? Oh, fuck, how the hell did I end up in this mess? I...I think I found something.'s a sheet of paper. It's too dark in here to read...damn it.



Okay, calm down. Retrace