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The Twelve Monoliths Book Series is a collection of twelve planned novels that tell the story of a new universe through the eyes of three central protagonists: Allison Fae, LUCAS Gray, and William Wallace. This history details the collapsing of the multiverse into a singular existance that transforms the Earth into a much more feral and wild land.

Looking to return to their world of darkness, the Children of the Night spread their reach far and wide to accomplish their goals. At the helm rests a mysterious creator force named Z-One the Children consider their father.

These stories are also directly supported by the Twelve Monoliths Alternate Reality Game.


Good People Die (2017)

The Corpse of ICARUS (2018)

Child 423 (2018)

Become As Gods: Black Monolith (2021)

All For One: Red Monolith (TBA)