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Telos is the second book in the Radical-9 Saga. It was published on March 19th, 2013. The anniversary edition will launch exactly nine years later on March 19th, 2022


Gavin Daniels doesn't like people. This much is common to anybody who's met him. He's not totally sure people like him either, but it's a chicken or egg situation at that point which started first. Four years before the events Andrew Cress goes through in RADICAL-9, our socialite supreme encounters upon the terrible origins of the Radical-9 Incident in the heart of Denver. Huh, I don't quite think I noticed that headache before this, what about you?


The year is 2018, four years before the events of Radical-9. We begin in Athens, Ohio. Gavin Daniels enters the scene. College aged, a stroke of cynicism, and a noticeable lack of attention kept on his appearance. He’s scavenging in what used to be the dorm room of his college before it was abandoned due to a radiation leak that shut the place down. While finding little comfort inside he catches up with another ex-student he knew before the leak--a girl named Addison Thompson who Gavin previously had an awkward interaction with. The two hesitantly agree to pool their resources together, but not before a robed figure ambushes the both of them and kills Addison and knocks Gavin unconscious.

He awakens in what seems to be the innards of an old abandoned building several stories tall at the least to a mysterious pair of a med student and journalist’s daughter who also have been kidnapped. The three of them make an equally unlikely group as Thomas Hadley, recognizes that Gavin isn’t going to participate unless he’s given motivation--such as translating the med speak of a diagnosis he’s kept with him regarding his decreasing mental condition. Gavin, hesitant to work with anyone, agrees to try to find a way out. As they chase the mysterious figure named Leto, both Gracie Jackson and Thomas end up succumbing to undesirable fates, but Gavin pushes onward even though he learns his condition is deteriorating much faster--finally naming it as Lewy Body Dementia. Scattered letters around the building suggest the previous occupants were a group dubbed The Prometheans, a group of scientists who were tasked by the government to experiment on foreign material, and one of the scientists, Jack Adata accidentally caused the Radical-9 Incident when working with two new elements found on Mars, Lantrate and Dicoberene. The Incident ends in the death of his daughter, Megan, and Jack falls into a coma from the exposure. From memories he is sure that are not his--that seem to come from the event itself, Gavin realizes that the Incident left Jack with abilities that are unlike anything he’s ever seen--starting with telekinesis and a distorting of his personality after the death of his daughter.

Gavin finally reaches the top of what is revealed to be the Republic Plaza skyscraper in Denver, Colorado. He finds Leto at the top, and realizes that somehow she is Megan--still alive. She’s bleeding from a wound, but the blood isn’t red--but the same multicolored liquid that he saw explode in the memories. She walks up to him and presses a finger coated in the liquid to his head which causes a severe reaction to his mental and physical state. He stumbles, eventually falls off the roof, and as he falls to the ground below his mind goes dark.

He wakes up in darkness, believing that he’s dead, but instead he wakes to a voice of a man who calls himself Micah. When questioned, he simply says that he will meet with Gavin when he can be sure when it is safe to do so. In the meantime, he utilizes a machine called ICARUS to send him visions of the past to fully flesh out the context of the Radical-9 Incident until he deems it safe and to show Gavin more of his past, and the pasts of the other scientists. When it is time, Micah fully introduces himself as the Gavin Daniels of an alternate timeline where the earth was destroyed after the Radical-9 Incident lead to a massive outbreak in 2029 and eventually to a nuclear reaction in 2042. Micah reveals that Gavin died back in his 2018 body, but the Radical-9 that Leto--also revealed to be an Automaton built to resemble an aged Megan Adata--had made him in contact with acted as a way for Micah to capture Gavin’s soul after his death and pull him through timelines into their current location--a facility meant to act as a base of survival for humanity’s last hope on the moon. Micah is overseeing the continued survival of the remaining four humans until a way to survive past the apocalypse can be found.

Gavin’s soul is implanted into an Automaton made to look like his own body--one that can utilize the powers Radical-9 bestows without the negative affects of bodily decay that his normal body underwent.

Gavin realizes that his body back in 2018 had exploded before it reached the ground, causing massive destruction to Denver and leaving it a wasteland. Micah tells Gavin that the only way he can save their futures is for Gavin to use ICARUS to send himself into the memories of the past that ICARUS has stored so he can gain information as his body grows and gets used to its newfound power.

Gavin travels back and meets the scientists of the past--but after the Radical-9 Incident, including his own father. Through the memories he discovers that ICARUS was created as a collaboration project between Jack and Micah, who are working together to create the perfect host for Jack to inhabit so he can rid himself of his own decaying body.

Gavin becomes stronger than they intended and manages to learn how to jump between timelines himself--discovering their earlier conversations on his trip. He manages to escape the apocalyptic timeline after a near-fatal duel with Jack across timelines and ends up landing in 2022 where he telepathically links with one of the scientists he met back in the Republic Plaza, Jay Rein, who has stories of his own to share since their last encounter.





  • Telos is Greek that most commonly translates to "ultimate object or aim", but can be related to motivation. As this novel focuses on the motivation of the villain from the previous its name works on multiple levels.
  • This story originally began as a series of four novels under the collective name of "ZERO". These novellas are available on Ryan Geever's Patreon under the $10 tier.