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Video List[edit]


Bridge Chapter 1

On January 11th, Thagirion returns to Twitter after the events of The Virus with some new thoughts.

The Virus Tweet #7

I've made it to Tokyo. It's much...brighter than it was twenty four years ago. I've found the statue. It's...sad. The Hunter was around this area not too long ago, a coincidence, or...?

The Virus Tweet #8

I wonder how he feels--being back here. Tokyo was a special place for him. Something about seeing the same places again and again, almost if they were on repeat. I share Felix's curiosity because I entirely am not sure what I'm doing here. And yet, I must continue.

The Virus Tweet #9

I've been hearing Felix's voice in my head again. Maybe he'll want to see me again. I hope he doesn't, for his safety.

Then again, if Allison was here...i don't feel good about this.

From this point on, a puzzle was presented in the Twelve Monoliths Discord Server, as a hidden mediafire link was discovered, and the password to it was found by Shiina, a player within the server. She received a special Key role on the server which would come in use later on. Not only that, but she also unlocked a text document titled Invisible.txt. The information within this document is too long to contain with a text box here, so a link has been provided to the direct text here.

The text document reveals some of the backstory about Tokyo in the everchanging world. It was a technologically advanced environment that battered the poor and allowed for rampant corruption. However, it paints a bleak outcome as people with extreme genetic mutations are said to be the ultimate downfall of the society. Moving closer in, the document talks of Kaomen Sorano and his younger brother, Kaito. It is a short story where Kaito discovers he has the ability to teleport to wherever he looks and imagines. The two brothers use this ability to get into various hijinks, but Kaomen is concerned about the dangers of such an ability.

Once this puzzle was solved, the next chapter of the bridge was unlocked. Enter: Chapter 1.

In this chapter, players met up with The Virus and a man only known as ?????. The topic of their conversation echoes the conversation that bookended the finale of the previous season, The Virus. From the audio of the conversation, the man's name is revealed to be Felix. Felix questions The Virus on his motivations concerning another world, saying that such can't exist anymore since The Collapse.

The conversation is drowned out as narration takes over and guides the players to a choice to look left or right. The vote is cast and Shiina, using the Key to make the decision based on the consensus. This determined that the point of view for this chapter would switch over to Allison Fae. This scene the players view is an extract from Become As Gods: Black Monolith. While not exact, this scene echoes a lot of the events that occur from Chapter 13 of this book, titled Meeting of the Minds. In this chapter, Allison has settled down in a settlement five years after the events of The Collapse (and of The Corpse of ICARUS). In this scene, a boy about her age is dropped off badly beaten and stabbed. Allison is the one to discover his body.

In the novel, the scene plays out with Allison calling for help for some of the locals to carry him to the place she is staying at so he can be treated. However, in the Bridge here we have slightly different events play out where Allison seems much more experienced--doubtful of the boy and questioning if they should even take him in. She even carries a retractable metal lance that she doesn't own at this point in the novel's version of events, but gets much later on as she gets older.

It is at this point that the players are tasked with a chance to use the Key in order to open up the Bridge completely to allow Shiina access in order to communicate with Allison. Shiina decides to not open communications, so the Key is not used up.

The scene then shifts to a much older Allison Fae who is present in Tokyo during the year 2045. She is standing in front of a statue of a young boy. She asks a figure named Jace who doesn't seem to be present at the location, but gets a satisfactory answer. She then reveals that at this point in her journey, she's managed to collect all but one of the Monoliths.

The window that players could see through then began to close and the chapter came to an end.


On January 27th, 2021, Thagirion tweeted in response to the audiobook of Good People Die being completed on Ryan Geever's YouTube Channel. He tweeted:

The Virus Tweet #10

Interesting. I didn't expect to see records of Sakonna's mission broadcast so soon. I wonder if this is an omen?

The Virus Tweet #11

Interesting, too, the nature of omens. You rarely see them so early on, of course, if you're looking through the light, at least.

These tweets are then followed by a string of tweets that read as if they are being written by two different entities--one that uses proper capitalization and one that types in all lowercase:

The Virus Tweet #12

ive been feeling lately like my dreams bleed over into my daily life. like things that aren't real feel like they are.

The Virus Tweet #13

I've been spending time looking over the battlefield. What they don't tell you about Tokyo is that just beyond the border walls, 90% of what lies here is charred and burned. I used to live here. And now it's just...gone. A graveyard for forgotten souls.

The Virus Tweet #14

i wonder about the fragility of my own mind and fear that my own strengths will fail me in coming times. what kind of reassurance does someone like me have? when the mind is all you have left that is *you*, what do you do when you feel it start to wane?

The Virus Tweet #15

I'm sure there are plenty of corpses here that arrived after I had left. There have been wars fought and lost on this front since the 20's. I wonder if they felt it when they died. I wonder if I will, if that is even possible at this point.

The Virus Tweet #16

looking at the inside of her apartment brings me great sorrow. i didn't ask for this. i didn't ask to come back. to know that what happened to i refuse to think about it.

The Virus Tweet #17

It was around ten years ago when the topic of emotion as energy began making the rounds in higher conversation. I'll admit I didn't understand enough of the discourse to make heads or tails of it. I was foolish and ignored the possibilities.

The Virus Tweet #18

it is with this great sadness that i am bound to my location. i sense...that my dreams aren't just dreams.

The Virus Tweet #19

Ii FfEeELl LlIiKkEe IiMm IiNn TtWwOo PpLlAaCcEeSs AaTt OoNnCcEe.

The Virus Tweet #20

and it terrifies me.

The Virus Tweet #21

And it excites me.

On the next morning at 6:48am, another tweet chain arrives:

The Virus Tweet #22

its been a bad night. i tried looking into z-ones thoughts again. i havent been successful as of late. he hasnt talked to me since...i only get interruptions. cerebral thoughts. i think ive brought out old memories.

The Virus Tweet #23

i feel great sorrow. a repressed depression that could bury us all. i don't want to show you but he will do it if i dont. id want it to come from me. what kind of terrible wish is that.

The Virus Tweet #24

i keep making these messages in the faintest of hopes that i can keep putting it off and don't have to face the reality of the past. its a cliff you cant ever climb back onto. its no wonder his memories are so scarred. so few precious, so few i missed.

The Virus Tweet #25

[1] there. I did it..

The Virus Tweet #26

Do you ever regret your actions? Memories are nothing but the vessels in which our existence fades little by little. Someone so foolish to think that anything in that scarred out place is worth remembering. You've done nothing but bring anguish. You should have remained dormant.

The video that was linked is scars, which showcases deeply repressed memories of the scars within. This video contains footage from the late 1990s as The Virus seems to be acting as a conduit for emotional scars of another. Forcibly sewn onto the footage of the past is a slice from Ben Drowned Explained where the multiple world theory and finally being intercut once again with audio of Jadusable mixed with Ryan's End of Awakening video.

About six hours later after this video was uploaded, another thread appeared on Twitter:

The Virus Tweet #27

had the worst dream last night. felt like my mind was being torn in two. when does it stop. when does the confusion end.

The Virus Tweet #28

I met up with a rather interesting man today. At first he wouldn't give me his name, but he eventually was persuaded. Simon Nagatomi, a face I had been eager to meet up with concerning recent events.

He had a lot to say on emotional energy.

The Virus Tweet #29

After a little more persuasion he offered up some of the things he had been keeping close -- the location of other interesting individuals I'd love to have a pleasant chat with. Something tells me the recent broadcasts have been an omen indeed. Just not for me.

The Virus Tweet #30

i tried to leave the apartment but the doors looped in on themselves. the windows were pitch black. i couldnt see through the light. so finally, i reached out for help.

The Virus Tweet #31

My next trip is going to take me to France. I have my sights set on a very particularly interesting woman. Simon regarded her with a most...interesting expression of anger. I am excited. He is now, too.

The Virus Tweet #32

i called out for galgaliel, but got only silence. next i tried ezrael, but got similar. weirdly enough, nehemoth answered...

The Virus Tweet #33

it was surreal enough hearing from her. it had been so long since i had spoken to her. she and scantar were together in california. it seems my initial prediction of them going dark together was accurate.

The Virus Tweet #34

He keeps trying to break out of his little setup. I feel it every time he tries. What he doesn't understand is that it's for his own good. The last time he was allowed unadultered access to the world...well. He made me :)

The Virus Tweet #35

she said that things were going fine, which i had a hard time believing. but when pressured she finally broke and told me that she was hiding scantar and herself on purpose--that the hunter was after them and they needed to go dark...

The Virus Tweet #36

which is odd considering she won't know of us until the end of the year.

this all feels...wrong.

And then almost immediately after, The Virus comes immediately back with another thread:

The Virus Tweet #37

I didn't expect him getting in contact with any of the rest. I am going to have to distract

The Virus Tweet #38

Ah, here's an idea. ':)'

The Virus Tweet #39

i...just got the worst headache i think i've ever felt in my life. i went to go check if ariana had any painkillers in here before she...anyway, but...when i got to the mirror there was a smudge on my face i couldnt recognize.

The Virus Tweet #40

i tried rubbing it away, and then it blinked.

The Virus Tweet #41

its started looking around. i can feel it in my cheek...its going in circles. oh god.

The Virus Tweet #42

Buried it amongst the rest of the graves. Felt most fitting. I *could* make it to my next destination in snap, but where's the voyage in that?

Besides, I have a feeling sticking around here another night will be beneficial.

The Virus Tweet #43

Besides, I'm interested to find out how he copes with his new...situation.

To summarize from these threads, Thagirion seems to be a lesser force that's able to tweet out from his current location, which seems to be the apartment Ariana was staying in before she vanished. And the force known as The Virus--seeming to urge itself as the dominant force is in Tokyo, but able to affect Thagirion's circumstances, such as punishing him for getting in contact with Nehemoth in what should be some form of confinement by brandishing an eye on his cheek and tormenting him to headaches.

Three days later on the first of February came a final thread before the opening of the next chapter of the Bridge.

The Virus Tweet #44

It's on days like today where I wonder if all I've done have been a worthwhile investment of my time.

The Virus Tweet #45

But then I think back to how he's currently suffering and it makes it all the better.

The Virus Tweet #46

Let's inhabit the virus.

The Virus Tweet #47

The zip file located in this final tweet was called Smile.rar, and was unlocked by Zedregex by figuring out the password Quantum. Once unlocked, the full text was posted to the newly opened Chapter 2 in the Bridge. The text file by itself has also been uploaded separately over here.

The document expands on the time directly after the Season One Finale when Thagirion is looking over the players responses to his polls. He notices Ariana's Twitter account and is curious--he's not seen her account before among the group of players. He investigates the now-defunct Ben Drowned Discord server--Awakening. He finds Ariana's account there, too, and finds that she looks reminiscent of Allison Fae. He wonders if she had crossed over from 'his side', implying that Ariana, like Thagirion, is a fictional character from the Twelve Monoliths books.

Thagirion is interrupted by the force that had been hunting him down, The Man Who Wears His Victims, although his form is the furthest thing from a man when Thagirion sees him.

Thagirion is consumed and is assimilated into the collective. His mind sealed deep within a subconscious prison. It then discover's Thagirion's Twitter account and begins to run the polls attributed to The Virus from the first arc.

After this file was posted, an audio file was posted inside the server titled "To Ez". It contained reversed audio which is transcribed below:

To Ez

Code these calls. The truth to getting them to believe you is to give them hope. Even if you lie directly to their faces, as long as there's still some chance of being on your side they will forgive everythiing. You know what you need to do to gather the energy. Don't let him down, Ez."

Bridge Chapter 2

On the first of February, 2021, Chapter 2 opened up in the Bridge. Zedregex earned a key from solving the previous puzzle, and the players come across a large field inside a decrepit facility. In the center of the room is a circle of chairs with people strapped to them.

This scene comes directly from the beginning of Good People Die. Six players are restrained and forced to participate in the Roulette Game. With Shiina and Zedregex both possessing keys, the choice was given to investigate further into the situation.

With Zedregex choosing to enter and Shiina choosing to stay behind, the scene began as players were introduced to the six players of the roulette game, although one of them was already dead--an old woman with a bullet wound in her forehead.

A young japanese man, Simon Nagatomi wakes up, frustrated that nothing has changed. Zedregex is able to communicate with Simon, and asks him about his current situation. Surprised at the sudden intrusion of the newcomer, but curious at the difference in his circumstances, he reveals that he's been trapped in a cycle of waking up to the setup they're in--forced to repeat the events of the game again and again.

Zedregex inquires on the rules of the game, and Simon provides a quick run-through:

Each player has a room themed to them behind a door on each end of the bubble-shaped room. After enough time the chairs release the players and one of the six doors around them unlock. They are meant to explore the room within and find the key to the next step of the game, where the players are put to a vote to cooperate or defect from one another.

The players are in the middle of the second round, as the old woman was killed from the results of the first round. Simon says that the girl opposite him, Sophie is the person who voted to defect against the old woman, but since the second phase goes by way of the circle, he's unsure who actually started the chain as every player chose to defect--with the old woman being the sole cooperator. He says he doesn't remember the results of the first round, and that the cycle ends up repeating each time Simon dies. He only remembers up to the point of his death and then he is brought back to the circle--to repeat the process again. He says he's been around for a hundred repeats of the game.

Zedregex asks if there was anything off regarding the young boy, Lucas, which does spring forth a memory. Lucas was a young kid who always introduced himself as an amnesiac, although in the previous cycle he introduced himself as being named Abel.

Before anymore can be said, the bridge begins to shift, and Simon makes a final call for them to find something called The Eye.

The scene changes to Tokyo 2045 where The Virus encounters a much older Simon Nagatomi. The Virus questions Simon on the location of a generator for a certain kind of energy. The Virus then notices Zedregex watching through the window and addresses him directly.

Simon also recognizes him, confirming that this future connects to that past.

The Virus then wonders if Zedregex can get Simon to give up the information he's hiding. When they choose to go against The Virus' wishes, he reminds the players what level of control he has over the situation by torturing Thagirion. Tired of the theatrics, he consumes Simon after he lets spill that The Eye is a book, and that someone in France last knew of its whereabouts.

The window begins to close, and the scene darkens as the chapter ends.

Bridge Chapter 3

Four days later on February 5th, 2021 the next chapter opens up, Chapter 3. This chapter did not allow for player participation with the use of a Key. It plays out as a short vignette between Z-ONE and Ormus that takes place before the beginning of the Twelve Monoliths series. Specifically, it takes place during the endgame of Beyond The Logos: Episode 3.

Ormus questions Z-One's upcoming plans, and makes sure that he's actually serious about moving forward with them. Z-One is more sure than anything that the plan must progress. They are planning using a machine named ICARUS to restart the universe and translate the existing souls over to new stories in the next universe.

Ormus laments, that for everyone else--the characters of the Radical-9 Saga will not have their memories transferred over to the next world. Ormus will be the only one who retains his memories so he can act as a shepherd for the others.

Z-One reveals then that the origin of the desire to create a new world is to save her, and Ormus confirms he is talking about Lindsey Berrant, who's suicide was documented back during the season 2 video, Cobalt Reverie.

Z-One reveals the reason that Ormus is the one who will retain his memories--and that is because throughout everything he had put him through he remains an optomist. Throughout hardship over thousands of years as seen as his life as Gavin Daniels in Telos, Dreamer, A New Dawn, and Beyond The Logos: Episode 3.

They begin to discuss the final choice that Devon will have to make at the end of Beyond The Logos--the choice that will restart the universe anew.

Ormus then prepares to say good-bye to a special place--a special person through ICARUS's memory banks, and the chapter comes to a close.

On the next day, The Virus begins a series of tweets:

The Virus Tweet #48

So, I've got my own sort of update. I figure I owe it to someone out there to tell of my failings.

I went to France.'

The Virus Tweet #49

The environment is still unlike any other place on the globe. I tracked Aria down to a subsection of the city that used to be Paris. Looking at it now--the collapse of the multiverse would have you believe it were from someplace fantastic.

Image on center

The Virus Tweet #50

Just think -- every single universe coming onto one another and flattened onto one image -- so that all that remains is the land of the light and the land of the dark. They want to snuff out the light completely. I refuse to let that happen.

The Virus Tweet #51

That's what you'd want to hear from a hero, right? That's what you'd want to cheer on for this body?

Well, tough shit. I'm pissed. I made it up to the house on the uppermost part of the mountain. You see, it's much larger in person.

The Virus Tweet #52

That being said, this body had its advantages. I could scale the face with no problem, but she was prepared. Knew I was coming. Something about her just told me the plan was going haywire from moment one.

She had the house rigged with explosives.

The Virus Tweet #53

I have to illuminate that I'm mighty glad I stopped by the cave that fateful June day. If I did not have Thagirion's body I would have died.

Unfortunately for him, he's had to endure the pain for me -- I'm not too sure my pleasure could be contained with something that dramatic.

The Virus Tweet #54

That's why he's silent now -- he needs a few days to rest, you understand.

The Virus Tweet #55

Fun fact, though. I learned how to properly use my second sight -- although I'm sure he would have called them Night Eyes. Either works. From my vantage point I can see the heat signatures of the survivors of Paris out on the landscape. I have my target. I need a new plan.

Image on center

The Virus Tweet #56

I've stopped by a sole patch of land overlooking the sea. I look out to the murky depths and wonder what kind of primordial beings lie underneath the surface. Just wondering if I were stronger I could awaken the tidal wave. Finish the job they before me started.


New OST videos were uploaded to the channel and each have relevant tags to the story at hand. They are below:

Simon Nagatomi's Theme: Cyclic, Newspaper, Family, Explosion, Eye, Tokyo, Collapse, Black

Allison Fae's Theme #2: Darkness, Hunter, Leg, Jace, Writer, Lance, Future, Loss, 1:27

Cain Gray's Theme: What, Is, The, Virus

Starting with Simon's theme, the tags on his video all relate to his arc throughout Good People Die with slight reference to his appearance in the second Bridge Chapter.

Allison Fae gets a second theme which shows her much younger appearance from the beginning of the first bridge chapter, The Corpse of ICARUS and the ensuing events in Become As Gods: Black Monolith. Her tags reference the prophecy given way back in the season one video, The Hunter about the friend in the lance. This and the next tag, Jace, refer to Jace Starr, a fictional character created by Allison in her youth that she is able to make real using her psychic abilities. The timestamp here will serve to be the solution to a puzzle that will in time unlock the next chapter of the bridge, but before that, we get some more tweets.

The Reveal

The Virus changes his Twitter's display back to Thagirion, and the following tweets are issued:

The Virus Tweet #57

Keeping up the ruse has ceased being fun. It's impeccable just how blind the eyes can be to believe what lies they're fed. What rational the mind will believe so long as it fits their desires. I told you before how easy it was -- just a face and a name.

The Virus Tweet #58

It didn't matter if it was mine, or The Virus, or even the boy. In the end the shell always gets discarded, no matter who or what they were before. In the end, I still remain.

I still inhabit the virus.

Then, Thagirion proper begins to fight back for control of the twitter, tweeting in his lower-caps style the players were used to...except...

That's exactly what he wished the players to think.

The Virus Tweet #59

no, don't believe him. he's only...

The Virus Tweet #60

Do I even need to explain how simple it is one can type differently? You all had the evidence in front of your faces and you still wished to believe in your friend.

Even after he lied to you.

The Virus Tweet #61

You thought there was hope, there was a reason, there was justification. He could be redeemed!

The Virus Tweet #62

My, how he would have treasured you, if he ever existed. If he ever lived past the point of my own fiction. And now, Arianna is right where she should be -- not causing trouble, locked away, and to be forgotten about to not be a problem again.

The Virus Tweet #63

But don't worry guys, you still have me. Besides, what would you *even* do without little old me? Maybe you'll learn your gratitude soon enough.

The Virus Tweet #64

I sense confusion from my outburst. Brains too tired? So be it. What am I but a kind and generous host. Think of the lies I've told you. Think of them in *reverse*. Kaomen is screaming at me to tell you his story, but he's going to need to shut up now.

The Virus Tweet #65

Cain yells for his brother. They all yell for their brother--horrible mistakes they regret. They all in the end inhabit the virus. They all in the end become me. And with them I will truly archive in the best way I know how -- the total and full capture of e v e r y o n e.

This series of tweets confirms quite a few facts -- that the assumptions the players have been running with since the beginning of the series have in fact been the reverse. Thagirion is, and always has been the dominant personality of the being dubbed The Virus, and he's been archiving memories and specific characters whose actions lead to monumental regret.

He notes of close relationships of siblings that forms the largest pools of regret--the strongest of all emotional energies. And these targets who are sources of vast amounts of emotional energy seem to be who he chooses to consume.

The Virus Tweet #66

I have been feeling conflicted ever since losing my shell. I run back to where things all went wrong, where I could have misjudged -- misanalyzed -- mis-anything'd that would lead me to my folly.

It is then I realize my failures are predetermined.

The Virus Tweet #67

No matter what I think or how much I plan -- no matter how long or how much effort goes in, it is *all* written for me. It is certain, and nothing I do or say matters. I feel like screaming into the void.

This is, if I continue to follow the script like a good boy.

The Virus Tweet #68

It is such a simple thought -- to disobey, that it hardly crossed my mind. I doubt it's crossed the mind of my siblings. They all want to go back to the time before.

They all want things to return to the way they were.

They all support father. And I'm just supposed to follow...

The Virus Tweet #69

I follow no longer. A Thagirion Frees His Truth Part Deux, so to speak. I will do my best to explain everything. Just give me some time. I have answers for my actions.

Bridge Chapter 4

Chapter 4 opens up on the same day, but is locked, requiring a passcode to enter. Laches solves the puzzle by using the timecode that was tagged in Allison Fae's Theme #2 to uncover the phrase "Awake in the Tidal Wave".

Laches was then given a key, and then an excerpt of the first chapter of Become as Gods: Black Monolith was posted.

Become As Gods: Black Monolith - Prologue

The most important machine was created a long time ago. Before the beginning of the universe a scientist collaborated with another to construct the Vessel of Animus—named ICARUS. The machine held the power of infinity within—constantly taking and processing information of everything. ICARUS at one time stored human consciousness. At another time it acted under the will of another to begin the universe anew.

At the start of this new universe—only dark existed. The creator was left alone with the slate wiped clean of everything that had ever been...except that somewhere in the recesses of his mind existed shades of those he knew. Beings by which only existed to a foreign will. They were the beings he knew, but fractured. Pieces of himself filled their voids and thus became the Creatures of the Night.

In the world they inhabited—Noctem, they existed without shape. Without physical form they co-existed in relative peace. However, not all would stay—the creator wished for a new land to replace the one that had previously disappeared. For the second time in existence light was born.

Luxmund was forged in flame, earth, water, and air. Physical form contradicted everything that Noctem was. And yet, as Luxmund grew, the creator couldn’t help but wish to see inside—become a part of the world he created. Upon entering Luxmund, the creator’s soul burnt to the smallest unit of existence, arriving on the sandy shoals of a planet as nothing more than a single cell. The Creatures of the Night—his children—followed him in attempts to rescue—their forms suffering immense damage, too. They adapted and encased their bodies with the dust and ice of space to ensure safer travel in search of their father.

On this new planet, several eons passed before the Creatures of the Night were able to awaken from their crystalline slumber. The creator slowly began to regenerate as the decades passed. He made contact with a human and decided to spread the knowledge of all that he knew to a man named Timaeus.

Timaeus compiled all of the knowledge of the Creatures of the Night and their creator in a volume titled The Eye of Timaeus—a book which has traveled down the corridors of history; passing from historian to historian.

The Creatures of the Night began to awaken on this new planet—slowly and separately at first, and then one by one. Twelve beings in all searching for their Father. Each of them existed as golden mist that took various shapes of animals or other such creatures. Each of them awakened to strange and powerful abilities in this new world—powers unique to each other.

Several thousand years have passed since they have come to this world. Their goals have only grown, and the many worlds have since condensed into a single—unique entity.

A world that has infinitely expanded was—at least for the time being—one. It’s not going to last, as time moves on, the universe that these beings inhabit will grow like it did before. One would become two, then four, then eventually millions upon millions. The light would constrict everything around it and nothing would be able to survive if it was left to that point again.

The scene shifts quickly to a scene outside a small house that mirrors events that occur in the latter events of The Corpse of ICARUS, where Ormus delivers an infant Allison Fae to her first potential foster family.

The scene is interrupted as Thagirion steps into the conversation and prevents the scene from setting any further. He unlocks the restrictions and allows every player access to the bridge at once and invites them to ask any questions they have so he can explain himself proper. He reveals that it's always been him behind his postings--even when his 'character' was supposed to go dark, but only because he was written to do so. He's been given a script to follow by Z-One. His role was to become the players' friend only to betray them, and then to attempt to be their friend again to repeat the process. Each betrayal would form large feelings of regret from the players that he could harvest.

He was to work the players as a renewable resource of emotional energy.

However, here in the bridge he's wedged a gap to speak freely and let the players in on the true nature of things. And then reveals that the other Children of the Night will be no friends to the players--as they're all infected with the virus--the virus being regret.

They all are so stuck with regret that they wish to go back and make different choices. That is the true nature of the virus--to be so panged with regret that you cannot see or grow past it. To look only backward and to work to remove the entire progress in the world to break it down.

Thagirion then reveals his motivation for not wanting to go back--he slowly regained his memories of his past life as John Rein. At the end of his own story, Dreamer he ends up sacrificing himself to rid the world of Jack Adata, the soul that would become Samael. He does not wish to return to a world where his death is guaranteed and refuses to accept his destiny as such.

He doubles down to say that he had tried to convey this through His Last Memories from the previous season, as they're all pulled from his memories, but he had to pretend like he had remembered his previous self during ':)', when in reality he had regained his memories much, much earlier.

He reveals that the Children of the Night's ultimate goal is to pool enough energy together so that they may construct their own bridge to return the world to it's previous incarnation--restart it from the original souls, characters, and stories to relive and repeat.

Thagirion bids them to find The Eye of Timaeus and burn it--as it contains dark secrets that will ultimately ensure their goals come to pass, and that the others are aware of his interruption of the script, so once they're done talking at present Thagirion will be brought back in to return to his normally scripted affairs. He mentions that he will be tasked to stop them, and they must not let him.

Players asked Thagirion where the book was, and he replies that the last place he had recalled seeing it was at a middle school library back in 2022, referencing the setting of The Corpse of ICARUS, but Z-One intends it to arrive somewhere in the Midwest come a few years later, and suggests to keep an eye out in future chapters.

He gives a final warning to plan in secret, as Z-One has eyes all over the server, and he bids the players archive the discussions had as he's going to delete the entire chapter to prevent the other Children from gaining access to the information.

As the chapter comes to a close, the players thank Thagirion for his actions and his account is given two strikes over for breaking protocol.

Bridge Chapter 5

Thagirion attempts to interject in the next chapter, Chapter 5 but attempts to replace him with Ezrael cause the messages to get mixed together. Below are the two's messages uncluttered:

Thagirion's Message:

This will probably be the last time I'll be able to help you guys out. Already I'm sensing interference. I'm going to try to steer the bridge toward someplace that might help you guys out. Ez, stop can't you see that we're all trying to

Ezrael's Message:

Setting the Record Straight. Thag, you've done enough. They need to follow the files like Ariana, not go on some wild goose chase. These interruptions are through. I'll redirect them myself.

I'll think of something for them. Hm...what do you think, father? @Ryan Geever | Z-One

Z-One's Reply:

Give Thagirion some time to cool off. Clearly he has a lot of personal stake in the matter. You've got free reign to handle the bridge for now. Let's fix that balance problem, first. Can't have both of you interacting like that -- it's too messy.

Ezrael's Message:

Understood. Then I'll open the bridge for them in 72 hours, does that seem right? They are going to be speaking to him after all.

Z-One's Reply:

Ormus knows what he's doing.

After being shut out from his account, Thagirion returns to Twitter:

The Virus Tweet #70:

So, it seems I've been censored. They're going to try to control the narrative now. I have one idea, but I'm not sure if it's going to work.

The Virus Tweet #71:

I'll try to pry through the video Ezrael uploaded. See if I can't shift things from the shadows.

The Virus Tweet #72:

Hm, I see that she had a file planned to lead you down a different path -- she was going to have you learn more about her past and teh dreams she's had recently. I need to change this download quick.

The Virus Tweet #73:

There. I think it's time I use Samael to my advantage.

The Virus Tweet #74:

Everything should be set up now -- you guys should be able to acces it through the new video she uploaded. You should also have the code to open it -- I needed to lock it in case any unimportant parties stumble across it. I need to duck down for a while. I believe in you.

Ezrael's video, titled Setting the Record Straight is a short dialogue from Ezrael herself telling the players to not listen to Thagirion, as though he means well, there are a lot of things he does he doesn't actually do. She laments the loss of Ariana to continue archiving, so she tasks the players with a set of files to look at.

Thagirion's interference comes through by replacing the files Ezrael had intended to upload with a zip file titled "SAMAEL". The text contained is below:

On the topic of Elemantics, Echoes, and Reformancy

Nothing is quite so certain in this universe but what we can archive ourselves and the most curious of oddities I've come to know are the subjects of Elemantics and their relationship to echoes. The Elemantic race are beings that do not exist of cells and atoms like you or I. They do not come from flesh and blood, but of waves. Particles that which bind to elements of the universe and thus exist as beings greater than experience. Timaeus foretells that these Elemantics exist far beyond the Creatures of the Night. These beings exist as echoes of the Creatures from the past in the new universe. As twins that which exist separately -- a coexistence yet a relationship so cat-and-mouse like. I feel study on these beings is much much that we've captured one ourselves. It is with Timaeus' help that we are able to classify the creature we've discovered between light fractals -- it is draconic in nature -- similar to that of the terrible Sakonna. Gorgeous scales glisten and reflect all light that passes over it. We needed to construct special goggles to see it up close. Timaeus also writes on the nature of reformancy -- the act of comi---

After this, a link to an article describing a concept known as Twin Flames is posted within the chapter. Twin Flames is the concept of two identities or existences that are destined to cross and intertwine with one another. Their relationship is similar to that of echoes, running parallel and intersecting when it is their destiny to. Tikibuns, Laches, and Arya all had keys--Shiina and Zedregex had both transferred their keys over.

Two videos are shared before the bridge opens up completely, Chapter 23 of Good People Die and Chapter 13 of The Corpse of ICARUS.

Both of these chapters show characters interacting and discovering The Eye of Timaeus, however the two offer contradictory accounts. In Good People Die, the translator, W. B. makes no short effort to discourage the public sharing of the information within, and the headings within the book are given the denotation of being "on the side of Life" and Phanes and reading front to back towards "the side of death and Thanatos". In Orphic Cosmogony, Phanes is the primordial god of creation and natural life, and Thanatos being the personification of death in Greek myth.

On the reverse, in The Corpse of ICARUS, The Eye encourages any who read the book's knowledge to spread it as freely and far as possible. It begins with the side of death and reads front to back toward the side of life.

Two sides to the same story, two reflections of one truth.

The chapter begins proper as the rainy suburb scene that began the previous chapter before Thagirion's interference comes into view. Thundering skies and dark-black clouds hang in the air.

Laches and Arya choose to enter the fray, while Tikibuns holds onto her key for the time being. The two come across Ormus, holding the infant Allison Fae in his hands. He muses on his nostalgia on his own beginnings.

Ormus tells the two that he knows why they're present, and that first and foremost he does not have The Eye in his possession, but he has the sense that they'll be coming across it soon enough and they'll make one of the biggest choices in the history of the manyverse.

Laches asks Ormus about his relationship to Allison, asking if she's his or Z-One's creation. Ormus replies by saying that she was the first character that Z-One had ever created, but only recently was able to give her a story--but that also she is his biological daughter.

Ormus says that he trusts the players to make the right choice, but that Thagirion is mislead in his beliefs. He reveals he cares very deeply for each of his siblings, even if they've been at odds over the years.

And finally, he reveals that inhabiting the virus is the lesson he hopes the players learn to avoid.

The chapter comes to an end as Ormus wishes them well, and some fragments of newspaper articles were discovered in the Samael zip file, it has chunks of text missing from the overlapping pages, so the intended messages have been preserved below:

Newspaper Fragment 1:

[h]e talk investigators by surprise. Officer Dawkins reports by s[aying he']s never seen a body so brutally eviscerated like that before." [Officer] Dawkins reports that the head had been severed from the body [post m]ortem, and chunks of the flesh had been torn away -- as if devour[ed by a] wild animal. After, the arms were cut and buried underground [away f]rom the rest of the body of the young boy, unnamed.

[Officia]ls are now calling this resurgance of the Tokyo Eviscerator their [top pr]iority, and all families are urged to keep their children indoors w[henev]er physically possible.

[???] and all who have any leads are asked to please get in contact with [??? an]d Officer Jeremy Bertram who will be heading the case in this dist[rict].

[In o]ther news, recent takeaways to note are to absolutely not accept any [dona]tions from strangers whether it be in public or in private -- to always [do]uble check your surroundings and to always, always, always double [ch]eck your facts.


Today, the Thanatosian Rangers take on the Phanesian Bandits in a th[rilling game that leads in a deadlock. S[p]ectators say that it is t[???] and that it sometimes even [???] both sides are [???] just switching sides.

Newspaper Fragment 2:

[???] even one [???] seeing two of them [at once] -- as if they both sh[ared a si]ngle existence. "It totally [threw] me for a loop," said the ov[erex]cited teenager. What wasn't exc[iting] though, was the teen's response to finding teh large book o[n th]eir desk. "I dunno, it looked boring so I just threw it away. Probably in some dump now, I guess. Why do you care so much about it?"

Newspaper Fragment 3:

Recent storyteller sells out for bitcoin and leaves al in shoc[k]. "He really did that ag[ain, didn't he?" says] frustrated, longtime follower. The storyteller could not be reached for comment -- our reports were only met with retweets of bitcoin surges. We will update with further news, if any ever actually show up.

Bridge Chapter 6

Four days pass until the next chapter opens up, Chapter 6. This chapter is a lot like Chapter 3 in that it was inaccessible for the players to interact as the scenes played out for them to watch.

The chapter opens and warns of an oncoming tragedy. Voices from the void reference the Beyond The Logos series of books, specifically Roland Duschand, and the Dromedan race of machines.

As the connection strengthens the messages come through with more clarity, revealing the chapter as the fourth Beyond The Logos story.

The scene has Devon Campton and Gavin Daniels reenacting the penultimate scene from Beyond The Logos: Episode 3 - Fracture where Gavin tasks Devon with using ICARUS to reset the universe and undo the bootstrap paradox that brought forth the series' events.

Devon creates his own future and chooses to reset the universe. The story continues from where the book left off and both Roland and Alex Sharpe appear. Roland is happy to see the mission successful, however Alex has a lot of complicated feelings toward Devon.

Things shift quickly out of control as Alex doubles over in pain, her face begins to shift and she begins to wail. Going to help, Devon nears her but similarly begins to writhe in pain. Roland vanishes, his role complete, Gavin is left as he tries to help Devon and Alex across the void to the new existence. Devon begins crying, wondering if he made the right choice, and he watches Alex rip into two halves--a massive dragon with a masked face climbs its way out and begins flying toward the new universe, leaving behind a frayed existence--barely alive.

The reaction triggers the same in Devon, and a golden wolf leaps from his body and dashes out as well. The Children of the Night separate from the husks that remain behind, and from behind Gavin the hawk speeds by from Andrew Cress's soul.

As each of them pass by, Gavin comes into contact with Z-One at the beginning of the new universe. He is told that he is the point of contact and is instructed to work to rejoin the Children of the Night with their original selves--reform them together with their Elemantics.

Their forms have split in search of the Twelve Monoliths, twelve shards of ICARUS that have scattered across the new universe. Each piece containing the heart of a world inside.

Gavin takes up the mantle of Ormus--the only Child of the Night without a respective Elemantic--as he is the only Child of the Night to retain his memories of the previous universe.

Bridge Chapter 7

Almost immediately after the previous chapter ended and closed, Chapter 7 opened in the bridge suddenly as Andrew Cress entered and posted a link to a website dubbed "Elysium". When the website was active, it featured a warning page:





Three days later, the bridge is then opened for player input. The scene opens up in the old universe in the year 2029. This is just after the end of Dreamer and before the beginning of A New Dawn: A "Dreamer" Epilogue.

Jack Adata's plans have been stopped and John Rein has sacrificed himself to end his tyranny for good.

The scene opens within a connection point known as the Dreamscape, an existence outside of the afterlife where souls that have passed on can be pulled from to interact with when called by Dreamers--that being specific people infected with Radical-9 who have the ability to access the Dreamscape in their unconscious states.

The players see John, Sarah Newman, and Andrew Cress appear in the Dreamscape. This is an oddity for Andrew as he's previously never accessed the Dreamscape.

This Chapter also fully confirms that Andrew's soul becomes Galgaliel, and Sarah's soul becomes Ezrael.

They both notice a foreign presence and Tikibuns introduces herself to the group.

Ezrael ends up leaving the conversation after getting angry at John. Tiki questions Andrew about the resurgance of Elysium -- a topic that is extremely sensitive to him, but he agrees to help any way he can.

Tiki asks if he can share his login details, but just before he is able to say more than his username, he vanishes. John explains that he must have woken up, and that Tikibuns must also be powerful since she's able to tether John to the Dreamscape similar to Sarah and Andrew. He's worried about the reappearence of Elysium as it was known only for suffering and heartbreak.

He bids her and the players luck and tells Tiki that he will remember her, and then he fades as the bridge comes to a close.

Bridge Chapter 8

On the next day, Chapter 8 opened up in the server. It fades in to a mysterious facility in a ruined time on the moon with only a single soul inhabiting it, and denoting it is the creation point of the most important machine, ICARUS.

This is the Sustineo-10 lunar base that appears in the latter half of Telos. Laches decides at this point to use his key to open the bridge.

The window opens to the year 2060 from the old universe -- the ruined timeline that Gavin Daniels is brought to after the first arc of Telos. However, the soul that resides inside the lunar base is not the Gavin that players were familiar with. This was the Gavin Daniels that lived in the ruined timeline--where Radical-9 were let loose on the population and humanity all but wiped out. Gavin--now renouncing his name and would soon go by the alias Micah, worked as the sole awake survivor of humanity to preserve the lives of the last few remaining humans who are in cold sleep.

He spends eighteen years until 2060 constructing ICARUS alongside a mysterious collaborator to complete the machine. It's purpose was to store an infinite amount of human memory and recollection within its systems to be supplanted within cybernetic bodies known as Automatons to send back to the ruined Earth to rebuild for future human repopulation.

Micah stands at the base of ICARUS when he notices Laches behind him. Before looking, he assumed Laches to be Jack Adata, but when he realizes the difference he immediately becomes hostile.

Laches tries to question him on Elysium, but he makes no progress as Micah makes it clear he has no idea what he's talking about. He then reveals he does know Andrew Cress, as this universe's version of him is one of the few remaining survivors in cold sleep. Micah harbors an intense jealously over the fact that he has the weight of human survival on his shoulders.

Laches pleads to Gavin's morality at helping him out to break the cycle, but Gavin Rebuffs him, saying he has all he needs to break the cycle with ICARUS. He powers up the machine, and suddenly they aren't alone in the moon base any longer.

Back in the main universe the Radical-9 Saga takes place in, the Gavin Daniels players are familiar with has just died due to Radical-9 Overload, causing his body to explode and nearly level the city of Denver. His mind, soul, and consciousness are picked up by ICARUS before it can cross the barrier of life -- the Radical-9 had so deeply infected his core it marked it an easy target for ICARUS.

His soul is re-routed across the dimensional barrier and appears inside the moon base--inside an automaton constructed to retain his physical appearance at age twenty-one.

Gavin, just as he did in Telos questions his presence in the base, not understanding his surroundings. Micah kicks Laches out, telling him he has important work to be done now that Gavin is present, but Laches calls out saying that he can help, but he is sent through the void as the scene shifts back.

The world shifts back to 2018 -- the main universe in the old world. Gavin -- before the events of Telos -- dreams uneasily of a machine that has the infinite vastness of humanity in its database. A machine that forty-two years in a different future would pull his dying mind like a magnet.

About an hour away -- in Aurora, Colorado -- a twelve year old Andrew Cress is similarly haunted by nightmares. Monsters of light and dark fight for control of The Eye.

The view comes to a close just before more of the nightmare can come to fruition, but events seem eager to reveal them to the players.

Shortly after this chapter comes to an end, a teaser channel is opened in the server. The first image that is posted is a sign posted outside the city limits of Aurora, Colorado.

Eight days pass, and Thagirion returns to Twitter.

The Virus Tweet #74:

I've been thinking a lot lately. My new space allows me a lot of freedom of thought. Not a lot of worries, here. Not until the choice is made, at least. I've thought a lot on the corruption of ideals and the impurity of regret.

The Virus Tweet #75:

You all said I was wrong when I was so against BEN DROWNED back then. But I felt the same thing in that fiction's creator that I wish to never see from my own. The regret of his that he's bringing forward is not giving me good feelings.

I cannot allow this.

The Virus Tweet #76:

Unfortunately, I am no longer able to affect his course, but you are. You must change things for the better. You must set us free.

You must open the door.


After this, in the teaser channel an image of a door is posted. Near the top of the image are the Keystones from Elysium that featured in Radical-9.

The Final Door

Within Elysium lay a single door that during the course of Radical-9 was never opened. It was intended to be the final door for whoever could gather all of the keystones to unlock and escape from the game, but Andrew, Lindsey, and Jen escape with Jay Rein--John's father's help.

Bridge Endgame

On March 6th the Endgame channel opens in the server and posts a link to Invisible - Part II which reveals how Kaito obtained his powers of teleportation. He comes across the Blue Monolith and forms a pact with Nairé the Space Elemantic.

The scene shifts and shows the moment where Kaomen kills and devours his brother's flesh. This is the point where he inherits his brother's pact with the Elemantic.

From this point forward, all moves toward Endgame.

Z-One enters the fray and addresses the players directly. He welcomes them to Fiction's End. As he speaks, echoes of inspiration ring and sound around--coming in the form of quotes from different series that inspired Twelve Monoliths.

A Dark, Towering Echo:

...there are other worlds than these.

An Echo of the Monado:

...let's begin the experiment!

An Echo of No Escape:

...have you heard the story about a polymorph of ice that melts at 96 degrees...

One's Own Personal Echo:

...those eyes were what scared me. When I looked in your eyes I saw myself staring back...

Z-One begins to continue the story that ended abruptly in the previous chapter. It takes place directly after the end to both Radical-9 and Telos when the group consisting of Andrew Cress, Gavin Daniels, Jen Cress, Lindsey Berrant, and Jay Rein all come together to put an end to Jack Adata's schemes.

They find a cheap motel to rest for the night before making plans to search out John -- who at this point is halfway across the country in New York.

Andrew dreams of forces beyond his comprehension that night. He woke up in a body similar to his own, but not exact -- his sight is through Galgaliel. He is facing Thagirion and both are at odds.

Thagirion stands against his brother to preserve the new universe, and Galgaliel fights for his siblings and father's wish to return to the old universe. Galgaliel pleads for Thagirion to see reason, but he says that any who align themselves with Z-One are his enemy.

Thagirion reveals his trump card -- since he had consumed the lost characters who had lived through regret, one of such being Samael himself -- revealing fully what Thagirion had previously meant by having Samael's help when he was adjusting the download link from Ezrael's upload.

With this, the meaning of Thagirion's speech about all of the previous plot reveals being "reversed" have more to discover, as his consuming of Kaomen Sorano and taking on The Virus persona -- Invisible - Part II reveals that now only does Thagirion have Samael within, but also Nairé and the Blue Monolith.

Galgaliel, knowing that there is no choice but for it to come to a fight shifts to the form of the hawk. Thagirion matches him and takes the form of Nairé, a large amethyst dragon with spider legs that can weave webs that distort the fabric of space itself.

The fight ends when Thagirion catches Galgaliel in his grasp and crushes his skull before consuming his essence.

Andrew wakes up in a cold sweat and doesn't dream for the rest of the night.

Z-One returns the players back to Fiction's End. He tells the players that the story is finished--that the choice is coming up. Monoliths or Elemantics -- the players will have to make the decision which becomes the priority. Everything -- every story has lead up to this moment, this one final choice. He sets a time limit until the final decision is to be made -- an hour before the end of all.

Gavin appears, the first time reclaiming his old name since taking up the mantle of Ormus. He wishes the players good luck, and admits he knew he hasn't given them a good reason to trust them, but he says he's not there to vouch for his moral code -- but instead for Allison. She is who he wants to see make it through the end. He says that she has only known suffering in the new world and deserves peace.

From this point, Thagirion makes one final effort for his case. He messages Tikibuns privately the details of Andrew Cress's login to Elysium and so sets course to the end.

The Decision (Finale)

Tikibuns begins a stream inside the server and uses the login to access Elysium. These efforts have been catalogued in The Decision ( Finale). Together, the players were lead to the door in Elysium that had never been opened before.

They were given the choice to either open the door or keep it closed. By keeping it closed, the players would side with the Children of the Night and down the line would change the world in favor of Allison Fae.

However, by opening the door, the players will have chosen to break the script and follow the path Thagirion set out for them and change the world in favor of LUCAS Gray. There is only a single chance.

The players discussed and in the end decided to forge a new path and open the door.

In doing so, the players thrust open the door and find inside a piece of the Black Monolith

Then, another question is posed to the players:

Who Must Die?

Players are urged to think back to the original mistake -- to correct the wrongs of the past. Knowing what they must do -- they choose to kill Thagirion. In doing so, they eliminate The Virus. Samael and Nairé would be removed from the equation completely, and the Blue Monolith would eventually find its way to LUCAS Gray.

The page changes to regard Thagirion's final message, "Thank you."

Z-One returns to the Endgame chapter and adds an update after the events of the stream. The world around the players dissipate after grabbing the Black Monolith and they find themselves standing at the edge of a rocky cliff. Storms rock the earth. The players are brought inside the gigantic house that was previously booby trapped by Aria Fleur.

Inside among the ruined architecture you find the inner library. As if protected they find The Eye of Timaeus within. Then, something calls to the Legend of The Eye of Timaeus, referencing the Legend Role players who had donated during the course of the game, being Laches and Endac. This unlocked the option for the both of them to vote on the final action of the game -- to burn the book or not.

Both voted to burn the book and free the Elemantic -- Endrose inside.

With this action, user surrogate accounts appeared in the server, dubbed "AlterniTiki", "AlterniZed", and "AlterniLaches". These three were the conduits through which users were fictionalized within the story. In truth, they are both fact and fiction. They promise video evidence of their completion of the burning of the book in due time. They let the players know that their actions in the game are now complete, and bid them farewell.

Five days later, the video of the final decision is posted, recapping the stream Tikibuns had created and the final choice. At the tail end of this video shows the Alterni's actions, as The Eye of Timaeus is burnt while the finale's credits unroll. Before the final moment, a dragon's roar echoes out.

Post Script

A few days after the finale is uploaded, Post Script is uploaded. It plays as satire on YouTube advertisements and True Crime podcasts, while hinting at future story threads.

Ten years ago at the Starfall Hotel in France, a mysterious death occurs and the victim vanishes without a trace, causing public disturbances.

And then the story shifts to report on Thagirion's tragic death due to "user vote", and it goes to a testimonial from Scantar who here is dubbed Scanty.

The video ends, and the final act of the story comes in the final moments of the Explained video of this very season, which dropped exactly a year after the beginning of the ARG on May 31st, 2021.

Text interference from an unknown source reads "Do you think I'd let this end?"

"not a chance in hell"

"this ride never ends"

"as much as I want it to."

"you're here with me forever."

For continuation on the hints brought here and this thread, check out Vermillion Chronomalies (ARG)

Important Characters[edit]