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Vox Populi: Green Monolith is the first season of the Twelve Monoliths web series. It follows Green, a man who can see through the eyes of others when he writes about them. It premiered on May 31, 2020 and ended on September 29, 2020.

Video List[edit]



On May 31st, 2020, Ryan Geever set out to upload the latest video in his BEN DROWNED EXPLAINED series, but complications arose when the premiere appeared to have been hijacked by an unknown entity labeling themselves as Green.

The premiere’s thumbnail changed a total of 31 separate times in the hour before the premiere launched, beginning with the hijacking entity establishing a connection with the premiere, achieved with the help of user Tikibuns. Once connected, Green took over and showcased two codes which helped to reveal what seemed to be the face of the hijacker. Green taunted the audience once more before the video, now titled Hijack, began. The original video's Majora’s Mask footage was quickly overtaken by Green, seemingly berating Ryan for making the explained videos in the first place.

Green then conducted a Q&A where he acted as various people in the YouTube chat, and then presented them a vote, the result of which would determine whether to spare or kill people in the village near him.

The chat attempted to balance the vote and nullify the choice, but Green was one step ahead of them, always throwing favor to a majority vote to avoid a tie. In the end, user Zedregex proposed to vote to spare the village, ultimately allowing it to win. Afterward, Green impersonated Jadusable and confirmed that these events are not related to the story of Ben Drowned.

Green established his new twitter account, @MonolithGreen, where he posted the results of the vote. His connection was soon afterward severed with this world and he was forced to establish a new one with a second account, @MonolithGreen1. At this time, users were freely allowed to ask Green any questions they desired. Questions asked include the following:

MonolithGreen DM #1 – May 31, 2020, 1:10 PM

Tikibuns: I’m just happy to be here, ya’ll.

MonolithGreen1: I envy you.

Tikibunswriting: Are you unhappy then?

MonolithGreen1: With many things.

MonolithGreen DM #2 – May 31, 2020, 1:37 PM

Zedregex: Who are you? What are you? What is your end goal and how will you achieve it?

MonolithGreen1: My name is a little complicated for your understanding. You can call me Green. It serves the purpose just as any. I am like you in many ways, but also unlike you in equally as many. Some see me as you do now, others see me as a serpent. I choose who sees me as what. I wish to exist, to return home, and to stop the man who wears his victims. I know not the entire plan--I'm only privy to certain details. He knows them all, and I need him to come back.

ZedregexV: What is home to you? Who is the man who wears his victims?

MonolithGreen1: Home is the darkness. A place where my siblings and I can be. I only know what I've heard through whispers. He's not like me, and not like you—he's different. Scary. He is my biggest threat.

ZedregexV: Is he a threat to me? Are you a threat to me?

MonolithGreen1: Hmm...I don't want to give you false hopes in case he's able to break through like I have. Are you going to stand in the way of my plans?

MonolithGreen DM #3 – May 31, 2020, 1:50 PM

Lego1upmushroom: Green, that’s an interesting name

MonolithGreen1: It’s pretty thematic, all things considered.

Lego1upmushroom: Thematic?

MonolithGreen1: yes.


Without warning, Green's next upload occurred at 4:58pm EST on July 8th, 2020. He tweeted, “It's like my father always told me:”, followed by a video titled "is the best policy". This video featured Green being more honest with the audience—a theme reflected with the inevitable title change to Honesty.

In the video, Green revealed that he had been living in a cave that he “fell into”, and that he was waiting for a signal from his siblings that won’t arrive for another twenty-five years. He also revealed three threats to his current situation and plans—The Hunter, The Android, and The Man Who Wears His Victims. These three names were important for the next choice players had to make.

In the description was a coded link. Using the key “Honesty” allowed access to a strawpoll that housed the next choice. The poll was titled, "Who would you like more information on?" The choices were "The Hunter", "The Man Who Wears His Victims", and "The Android". Included was the text, "Three threats exist in the world I come from--each of them having their own strengths, weaknesses, and stories. Eventually they'll all come for me...but maybe...?"

Ultimately, The Man Who Wears His Victims won with 4 votes, while the Android and Hunter each had 1 vote.


Later that night, a new premiere was scheduled for air at midnight: The Man Who Wears His Victims. The thumbnail began as a picture of Green, then used as his Twitter profile picture, but was almost immediately changed to what must certainly be the man of the hour—a man with cracked skin that doesn’t fit quite right and loose blood running in-between. He wears a devilish smile.

Suddenly, the premiere’s title changed to “you're not the only one who can hijack premieres” and the thumbnail changed to a younger-looking man with dark facial hair. In the chat, the Ryan Geever asked those present what Green has told them, and Tikibuns responded with “Enough.”

The title changed to “you're not the only onS--TOPe who can hijack premieres” as Green wrestled for control over the premiere. Green told the chat to ignore the intruder, that he was being a nuisance.

The intruder conceded and opted to take over Green’s Twitter, offering his own color commentary as the premiere took place. Green, set off, immediately loaded the premiere ahead of its midnight showing to prevent any further interruption. His Twitter icon then changed to the image of the clean-shaven man and his name changed to Blue.

In the video, Green told the story of a string of mass child kidnappings that happened throughout the 1990s in Japan. Then, as time went on, the mysterious event happened again in Russia, then France—causing people everywhere to panic as no clues had ever come to light regarding the whereabouts of the children who had been kidnapped. Green said that he’d never met the Man, but he’d learned through a process similar to automatic writing how he was able to get away with so many crimes.

Green revealed that when he writes about someone, he can see through their eyes; by posing as the users in the chat during his initial Q&A before the first video, he was able to see through their eyes too. However, because they were not looking with what Green calls their Night Eyes, they were unable to notice his presence. Green then mentioned that his siblings all regularly use their Night Eyes, so he would be unable to look through any of their eyes without them noticing, and that the Man Who Wears His Victims was different from both groups—as he has some ability to look with his Night Eyes, but it isn’t fully developed. Green can afford a few short glimpses before being noticed.

Green then prepared the chat as he informed them more of the story they voted for.

Green’s eyes opened on a London side-street walking through a busy crowd. The Man has the ability to turn himself invisible to the public eye, although this ability has the cost of his physical deterioration. It’s then stated that when The Man was around 12 years old, an incident took place that ended up killing his younger brother.

Nearing the end of his lifespan, The Man—then a boy—cut off his brother’s face and discovered his own body would accept the organs of others grafted onto his own. He preserved what he could, but as inexperienced as he was, it didn’t amount to much. His face looked like a monster’s. As he grew older, he refined his technique—smoothed out his edges, preserved more body parts and extended his own life. Nowadays he’s looking for his next victim in the crowded streets of London.

Green’s vision turned red as The Man began to notice his presence. Green tried to pull out, but his vision shifted to an almost fully-red state before Green was able to swing it back into the darkness. He relented that he thinks they’ll be okay, but on Twitter, Blue scolded him for his actions, revealing his name as Thagirion. Green noticed the Twitter takeover and hoisted control back from his brother, returning the profile back to how it was originally. He then said the whole event had given him a headache and tired him out.

On the next day after resting, Green answered a few more questions on his Twitter from the previous night’s events:

MonolithGreen DM #4 — June 9th, 2020 11:24 AM

ZedregexV: How many siblings do you have?

MonolithGreen1: I am one of twelve. The fifth oldest to be precise.

MonolithGreen DM #5 — June 9th, 2020 12:26 PM

Ryudragon29: Are you taking any medicine for that headache?

MonolithGreen1: The only medicine within a five hundred mile radius comes from mountain hippies who don’t know rocks from dirt. No thank you.

MonolithGreen DM #6 — June 9th, 2020 12:26 PM

Lego1upmushroom: Who is this? Is he you, or is it someone else

MonolithGreen1: Media tends to corrupt when sent through the conduit. That is a picture of me heavily corrupted from the send through. I cannot control what it chooses to corrupt.

Lego1upmushroom: What happened to the village that’s fate you had us decide ?

MonolithGreen1: You may see it in time. Right now it is unimportant.

Lego1upmushroom: Unimportant, those are people’s lives, how are they unimportant?

MonolithGreen1: There is more at stake then the lives of mountain hippies.

Lego1upmushroom: Of our own world is at stake why ask for help from ours

Lego1upmushroom: *if

MonolithGreen1: Because he’s there.

Lego1upmushroom: Who’s he

MonolithGreen1: Isn’t it obvious?

Lego1upmushroom: The man who wears his victims?

MonolithGreen1: No, he’s in my world. If you don’t get it yet then I’m not going to tell you. Think critically. He doesn’t hear me, but you do.


The next video was uploaded without a premiere on June 12th, 2020. Titled The Hunter, the thumbnail was a picture of a woman. The video’s description contained a cipher and a hint:


Using the hint as a clue, the answer “Twelve” can be used to determine the cipher's solution: The Corpse of ICARUS

In the video, Green introduced The Hunter as a young girl who currently isn’t a hunter, but will be. Her name is Allison Stone, her surname dependent on which foster family she’s currently with. He revealed that she’s going to have an encounter with “one of the Red twins” in 2022, and their meeting will cause her to hunt after them because “he took something she cared about”.

The video ended as Green foretold a cryptic prophecy regarding a man, a troubled past, a friend in the lance, and an inheritance. Later, on Twitter, the following questions were asked by Lego1upmushroom:

MonolithGreen DM #6 — June 10, 2020 1:21 PM

Lego1upmushroom: Are there any others like you, people who came from your world to ours

MonolithGreen1: I have not come to your world. I connect to it.

Lego1upmushroom: Oh

Lego1upmushroom: Do you know if others have also connected to it ?

MonolithGreen1: Yesterday my older brother irritatingly connected. I haven't seen him since then, however. I am unaware of others like it at the moment.

Lego1upmushroom: Why did your brother say “father is going to kill you” is he your father ? Or another man using that name

MonolithGreen1: "He" is. I wish to not speak further down that line of questioning.

Lego1upmushroom: Out of all things to hijack why choose another mystery, with some things from that ......persons story being similar to your own story?

MonolithGreen1: I chose the upload because it’s his upload. Not because it’s another fiction.

Lego1upmushroom: His, you mean Ryan ? Why chose him

MonolithGreen1: 2 + 2 = 4

Lego1upmushroom: Yellow and blue makes green

MonolithGreen1: You’ve strayed off the path. You can guess why he’s important. I’ve so much as told you already.

Lego1upmushroom: Back during the first hijack you copied my voice. how did you do that it if we have never meet, or have we meet before

MonolithGreen1: I don’t need many details to write about you. A grasp of your personality and your name usually is enough to suffice.

Lego1upmushroom: Why are the names important? Let me rephrase my question about voices, you can copy my personality and details on how I write, but can you copy my voice just like you did with the jadusable

MonolithGreen1: That's more difficult. It depends on your connection with him. I have almost ten years to pull from with Jadusable, so I am able to make a more accurate rendition. It takes a lot more of my energy to impersonate voices, so I only tend to do it when I need to make a point.

Lego1upmushroom: Alright

Lego1upmushroom: Who are the red twins

MonolithGreen1: My younger brothers. Both of them feel the need to push past their orders. Although, I guess I can't say I'm much different.

Lego1upmushroom: Orders, orders from who ?

MonolithGreen1: Our Father

Lego1upmushroom: Your father, last time I inquired about him I was turned away. Why don’t you want to talk about him

MonolithGreen1: I did not want to talk about his reaction to my exploits. He fails to see that this is for his benefit.

Lego1upmushroom: His benefits?

MonolithGreen1: As he is in your world...he is not as he should be. There is a time where he comes into my world and he leads us back to our home. But as of late he has not been following the path that leads us to that point.


The next upload began with a scheduled premiere on the same night. During the course of the premiere, both the title and thumbnail changed thirteen times:

  • The first change was of a younger looking girl with black, curly hair. She's given the code name Red - 1.
  • Next is a man who has a shaven head and given the code name Red - 2.
  • Following is an older man with gruff facial hair and a cold stare, Orange - 1.
  • Then comes a man around the same age with thin glasses and a sullen expression, Orange - 2.
  • Next up is a younger blonde woman and an older dark haired man, named Yellow - 1.
  • and Yellow - 2.
  • Then Green himself,
  • followed by Blue,
  • followed by a red-haired woman named Indigo,
  • then an older, gray-haired man named Violet.
  • The list continued on with an elderly woman named Black,
  • then quickly transitioned into a clean shaven brunet named White.

The thumbnails finished off with the current thumbnail of all of the faces aligned in an almost triangular shape, and the title changed twice more, once to Twelve Monoliths, and a final time to Children of the Night.

Children of the Night

In the description was a link to a MediaFire download titled “ZedsHell”; Green seemed to be mocking the speed at which user Zedregex was solving his ciphers. The file inside the download was titled “File 59 – Part II”, referencing the infamously difficult cipher from the Ben Drowned ARG that was ultimately never solved.

"File 59 – Part II" is a .zip file that requires a password to download, and that same password to extract, so users would not be able to access its contents without knowing the password. However, in an act of mercy, Green gave the players a single hint: “What is this series’ name?” The live chat tried to figure out the answer before the video began, but unfortunately, they were not successful. "File 59 – Part II" is currently unsolved.

The video began with a meme mocking the creator of the Ben Drowned ARG by unearthing an old music video he shot long before the ARG began. Continuing the trend of Green being on the offensive against the ARG, the backing track is an edited version of "King Kong" by Jibbs, which originally played in the Ben Drowned April Fools Joke after the ARG originally went on Hiatus.

The video then transitioned to normal as Green introduced the members of his family, and their specific roles.

  • Black is tasked with energy collection.
  • Red-1 is tasked with condition the energy Black gathers.
  • Red-2 is to survey the planet and collect data.
  • Orange-1 is to ensure their secrets are kept.
  • Orange-2 is to collect intel from the Indian military.
  • Yellow-1 and Yellow-2 have both gone missing.
  • Green is meant to archive their mission.
  • Blue is meant to manage them, keep everyone in line.
  • Indigo predicts future outcomes through her dreams. She also creates the bridge using the conditioned energy to reach their homeworld.
  • Violet stabilizes the bridge.
  • White takes the role as their father’s right hand man.

Green also divulged some personal details on each of his siblings before speaking about their father. Black and Red-1 are close as they’re both the youngest. Yellow-1 and Yellow-2 are close, as they went missing around the same time and are assumed to be together. Green mentioned that he’s closest with Blue and Indigo, however for very different reasons. He also revealed he has disdain for Violet, as he is too pushy about their work and is too pompous. Finally, Green talked about their father, who looks to be an old man with powder white hair and facial hair.

Green revealed that their father exists in two separate times and worlds at once. In their world, he is the old overseer of their plans, and in the players' world, the owner of the YouTube Channel, Ryan Geever.

Green explained that his goal to interrupt the Ben Drowned coverage was to help Ryan progress so that he can become who he is meant to be in their world, though his father seems to have shown opposition to his methods. Green retaliated and said that it’s for his own good. He then said he’s done sharing, giving a stray comment about a dream journal he has that he could show to the players before leaving.

In the thumbnails subfolder of this event, the names of the twelve Children of the Night and their father were revealed:


The next upload was set to launch as The Android on June 13th, 2020. The thumbnail and title remained the same throughout the entirety of the premiere, the thumbnail being an image of the Android himself. He appeared to take the shape of a younger blond boy with neon turquoise highlights and bright baby-blue eyes.

The video began with Green writing about the Android, revealing its name right away as LUCAS, an abbreviation of "Luxmund User Computer Algorithm Shifter". Green says that LUCAS is an artificial being created to combat the Children of the Night, able to see with his Night Eyes, something humans cannot normally do without going mad.

The perspective changes to a deep purple, which Green says seems to be a mix of the Awareness that Red brings, and the Foresight that Blue brings, meaning that The Android is aware of Green’s writings from the past. Somehow, The Android was connecting to Green from an unknown amount of years ago. A warning message appeared on screen as a failsafe from The Android’s creator:


This message gave light to a mysterious corporation known only as Arctic Systems, who seem to be allies in some form or fashion with the Children of the Night. The message was cut off as The Android tells Green “Hello” and takes over the vision.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is then loaded up. Green, in the form of Link, was thrown into a locked room with a Floormaster. He was attacked from behind, but dialogue appeared just before he fell to the ground:

“You think I wouldn’t find you?”

“That’s really cute.”

The game reset and, as the mask flies toward the screen during the opening sequence, the scene freezes and LUCAS spoke once again.

“You think that you’re so smart?”

“Tampering with worlds not your own?”

“Let’s see how you like it.”

The game continued with Green entering the file select screen, where a single file named “BEN...” was located. LUCAS deleted the BEN file, a reference to the Ben Drowned ARG, and entered in its place “LUCAS”. LUCAS selected the file and Green was spawned inside a blocked off room in Ikana Canyon, far from the camera. Just as he was about to look behind him, LUCAS interrupted:

“I wouldn’t look behind you...”

“You’ll never know what you’ll find staring back.”

“Or, more fun, why don’t you come to me?”

“Playing games is no fun by yourself.”

As Green began to walk toward the unknown being behind him, the screen turned purple. LUCAS continued:

“What else did you expect? You alerted us to you.”

Green was brought out to the waterfalls in Great Bay, where he attempted to look around. LUCAS continued:

“You hurt Abel. You knew how much he loved Cain.”

“Your kind deserves to rot in hell.”

“Or more fun, be trapped in the fiction you despise.”

“Why don’t you take a look around?”

“Tell me why you’re crying. Now keep on crying.”

Green was left to his devices as the game resets again and again, while the following messages play out:

“Now I will reset you for eternity.”

“Force your existence to repeat.”

“Until you beg for death.”

“Tell me what scares you.”

“Tell me, Thagirion, why you want friends so bad?”

“Monsters have no need for friends.”

The screen became green as Green managed to escape from LUCAS’ clutches. He remarked that he’s free, but he’s scared, and that he doesn’t want to write about anyone else. However, he recants this, saying that if he stops writing, then the audience will stop watching him. He endured, saying he has to keep on trying, and that he has to exist.

After the video ended, Green asked his followers on Twitter what they would have him write about. The majority vote ruled in with “Write about what you want to write about.” And so, Green had a tough choice ahead of him.


On June 14, Green posted on Twitter about having a lot of vivid dreams. He mentioned having a bad feeling about ensuing events, and then suddenly his avatar changed to a static band with colors striking down the center, and he tweeted a GIF of flashing static.

On June 16, a new entity seemed to post a series of polls from Green’s Twitter:

MonolithGreen Twitter thread — June 16, 2020 10:01 PM

“Interesting. Very interesting. Quite the web you’ve created for yourself. An Archiver, hm? I can work with that. But first, your lovely audience. Tell me, what’s your favorite body part?"

Part I:

  • Face (10%)
  • Eyes (50%)
  • Mouth (0%)
  • Legs (40%)

Part II:

  • Arms (0%)
  • Head (42.9%)
  • Torso (42.9%)
  • Teeth (14.3%)

And finally, when?

  • Today (37.5%)
  • Tomorrow (12.5%)
  • The Next Day (0%)
  • Yesterday (50%)

The winning answers were "Eyes", "Head" and "Torso" (tied with 42.9% each), and "Yesterday".

The hijacker then condemned the players by saying they have no originality and went with the choices that were so easily given to them. They then said that they thought people of another world would be different, but was disappointed that they’re all just the same. They then said that the players' choices do not matter with him, and that they make the rules here.

They later tweeted a clip of static with distorted sounds of screaming in the background; the caption reads, “At least I can get some pleasure from your answers”, implying that the choices given did have some effect on whoever the subject of the recording is.

After two days of silence, the hijacker stated that they were going to “move on from this place”, but that they found a video that Green didn’t finish, implying that Green is no longer alive or around to have been able to do it. The poster then said that they could put it up for the players since it would be a waste if all of that effort just vanished, and then ended the post with a smiley face.

A little later, the hijacker pondered giving the video away for free, and wondered what they could gain from that. Afterward, they mentioned that there is a file left behind that they cannot crack, and that whatever is inside must be good. Players took this to be the "File 59 – Part II" that was revealed earlier.

The hijacker then set the premiere for His Last Video, which later was renamed to ':)'. The thumbnail started as an image of Green with his eyes closed—at rest. It was unknown at this point if he was asleep or worse, but events from Twitter didn’t paint a good chance of it being the former. During the wait, it changed to an almost all-red image of Green with his eyes open and his eyes glowing a bright green. It shifted back to the previous picture shortly before the actual video.

In the description, the hijacker reposted the link to File – 59 Part II with the same password still required to open it as before.

The video began by dating itself on June 14th, 2020, a day before Green’s last post on his Twitter.

Green began the video by saying that he can’t just write about whatever he wants because it takes more work to get what he wants; however, he revealed he has a desire above all others—to find the whereabouts of The Man Who Wears His Victims. His actions have troubled Green more than any other, and fears for his own safety. Before beginning to write, he said that he hopes his logs get passed on should anything happen to him.

Green began writing about Kaito Sorano, showing us vision through Kaito’s eyes on the same day as he’s hiking through a forest. The vision immediately became blood-red, showing that Kaito was fully aware that Green is watching him. He had since left London after taking notice of Green's attempts to see through his eyes previously.

Green revealed that he believes Kaito was somehow able to cross over into the players’ world, and that he was initially searching for Zedregex due to his early connection to Green, hoping that would lead Kaito to him. However, Green spared Zedregex an unenviable fate by alerting Kaito to his presence, throwing him off of Zed’s trail.

Kaito passed by a sign and Green seemed to recognize it, saying that it belongs to the hiking trail that leads to the village just outside the cave he’s in. Green said that if he can travel between worlds, he’s a much bigger threat than he originally realized. Green stated that he can’t see into the origin of his abilities, that those parts of his sight are blocked off. Sensing the coming danger, Green knew of one way to fight against Kaito. He needed to regain control long enough to stop him temporarily, allowing him to retreat to safety. In order to do that, he needed to shift the color of his vision back to green.

He required help from the live chat to help stabilize the connection between worlds and strengthen the bond. Unfortunately, the message came too little and too late before the players could organize. It was a shot in the dark, and it is unknown if it would have been possible to organize in such a short time span. The control shifted far in the other direction, from green, to orange, to red, and finally to black. Green was then silenced, with the vision's powers turned back on him, allowing Kaito to seek him even more quickly.

Kaito then cut the connection and left Green back in his cave to wait for the coming horror. Green, realizing that his time is nearly up, turned to one final Twitter reply from @Fhcjff1 who says, “Write about yourself.” Green, seeing no other choice, tried to.

He saw himself from an out-of-body perspective. The vision was completely red, as he was aware that he’s looking at himself, and then he realized that since he is here, he no longer needs to talk to the players through text. Green spoke for the first time, in what seemed to be multiple voices melded together. Outside the cave, Green heard the sounds of the nearby villagers crying out. Kaito had arrived.

Green revealed he is unable to move on his own, as his body was still recovering from the fall. Scared and coming to terms with the fact that he is about to die, he began playing "Something Comforting" by Porter Robinson as he waited for relief, musing that Blue—or Galgaliel would have slapped him for the wordplay. By this point, he had given up on his nicknames, and formally introduced himself as Thagirion to the audience.

Thagirion revealed he had thought about reaching out to the players several times over the course of his waking period, and he only didn’t because he knew that their involvement was not in fact necessary to his sibling’s plans. He only lied about such to save face. He wanted friends, and hopefully by connecting with the people outside he could have ensured his existence. He said he was jealous of The Hunter and The Android because “they got to exist”, apparently referring to their starring roles in the first two Twelve Monoliths novels.

He expressed regret over causing the deaths of those in the village, even though the players voted how he wanted them to. Thagirion then said he can see Kaito coming closer in his Night Eyes—that he’s stronger than before.

Thagirion said he doesn’t want to die—he doesn’t want to be forgotten—and then he had a sudden epiphany. As memories flooded into his mind at the apex of his life, he remembered the life he used to live in the world prior, filling him with frustration and anger as he was shown a life of normalcy and love moments before he was about to lose everything.

He realized that his name was John, and he mourned the fate of his siblings—Gavin, Andy, and Sarah—finding them similar to his own. He then cursed Ryan for not answering his calls—for creating him to endure such suffering. John then called out to his father—not Z-One, but his father when he was human. He apologized for forgetting his face, wishing to go back home before the color fades to unity—and a smiley face indicative of Kaito faded in his place, confirming Green’s fate.

The image faded to black, and the title of the series was revealed in full to the players: Vox Populi: Green Monolith.

A final transmission was intercepted in the post credits scene as a woman’s voice entered, speaking to someone whose name is obscured by static. The woman revealed that she’s left an inheritance. The transmission then cut out and the video came to an end.

The title for the season, as indicated much earlier, served as the password to File 59 – Part II, which contained two documents. The first was Thagirion’s Dream Journal, and the second was a .rtf document titled Thagirion Frees The Truth, a document which itself was coded in a vigenere cipher with the key “vox populi green monolith”.

Thagirion Frees The Truth.rtf

You are finally beginning to catch on. You understand the underlying machinations behind this game. What does that mean for you? Are you ready to accept that fiction is stronger than you once thought? When you open yourself up to that possibility the options are limitless.

Anything can happen from this point on. There are some things I’ve been keeping from you, but they were necessary, I promise. The Hunter isn’t my enemy. She isn’t even my Father’s enemy. He wants her to succeed. Our death is an inevitability. The others don’t know this—I’m not even supposed to know this.

I dreamt about a conversation White and Father had—they sounded like they were arguing. White kept asking why it had to be this way—and Father kept saying that things needed to happen in order to train her.

White responded back, “Train who?”

Father replied, “You’ll know her when you see her. She’s special. She’s just like...”

Then White grew silent. Father told him that he’s going to have to see a lot of pain and do things he doesn’t want to do—but they’ll be necessary things to ensure that it can be made right.

The dream faded, and I’m more than sure they were talking about The Hunter—Allison Stone—soon to be Allison Fae. I’m scared. I don’t want to die—much less so someone else can be trained. What good is my life if it’s just to train someone else?

I don’t think I can make anymore sense out of it with the information I have at present. I’m entrusting it to you—along with my dream journal. Maybe you can make some connections I wasn’t able to. I think I hear him coming—the man who wears his victims. I sense the air around me feeling thinner.

I don’t want to die.

Dream Journal.docx

This journal is to document my experiences since landing on this world. Ezrael is the one who pitched this idea to me so I could keep track of the intense dreams when they come, and we can talk about them when we see each other again. Galgaliel laughed at me and told me that it was a diary. In a way, it is, but hell if I was admitting that to him. I told him it was just to write my stories down in when I could find the spare time. He then got real serious and said he’d like to read them sometime.

September 27th 2013

A vivid flash of blue almost like the expansive stretch of sky filling all the space around me. I saw a massive castle in the distance. Streams of data hooked together with lumps of subconscious. I flew inside and saw Galgaliel—he looked a little bit like he does now, but there were slight differences with the eyes and length of hair. I could tell it was him from the start—his aura is so recognizable to me. Brilliant green eyes—this is what he was like in our world. His name wasn’t Galgaliel either, but I can’t remember it. He was in some sort of game—one that you played online with other people. There was a gigantic castle and...then it went horribly, horribly wrong. People started to die, the castle began to break down. And then the final clash as the digital world imploded...I woke up with a sweat and felt a chill like no other.

March 19th, 2014

This dream started out smoother. I felt an ease of lightness as I hung over empty city streets. Somewhere on the west coast, but I couldn’t place where, exactly. An abandoned college campus sits while the threat of something feral looms in the distance—monsters who were once people. I see...Ormus. He’s...almost exactly like his shell...almost like he didn’t take a new body in this world. He’s younger—almost twenty years younger, but it’s the spitting image of him. I follow him into the dorms and see he’s walking with very little on his back. The scene changes to an empty research station somewhere familiar, and I see the machine that started this all—The Final Machine, ICARUS. If I could go back and destroy that rotten piece of metal right here and now I could solve everything...fix everything... I woke up feeling guilty. I have seen that acursed machine before and it only taunts us. It beckons our call and it’s always so out of reach.

October 11th, 2014

I...have a vague memory just on the edge of my consciousness about the house I saw. It sat white, with a wooden railing out front that led to a small yard. I see a boy of about sixteen who I’m told was me. I’m so close to remembering more, but it always escapes me. The rest of the path out from the house is scratched into a white void I cannot see. The scene I see plays on repeat—I enter my house in a startled hurry, I’m gone for a few minutes. Someone...I think it’s Ezrael—comes in after me. She was a blonde then—same age as me. Her name was Sarah. She carries me out and I notice the front of my clothes are stained with blood, and then I reenter the house, Sarah follows me inside, and the scene repeats another time.

April 20th, 2017

I see another planet. Far into the future of our world that used to be—far after my lifetime. Almost five thousand years after my time...Issachar wakes up on a planet full of life you couldn’t believe. Bidpedal insects that were almost twice my own height, boar-men that thumped with every stomp, even dragons. I saw a looming threat from a machine invasion and the ensuing war as the planet was torn apart in chaos. Sakonna was there—she and Issachar were fighting. They were hurt...they were dying. And then Ormus appeared by Issachar’s side. He introduced him to ICARUS, and together they changed...everything. Our world was ending. The only thing that they could do...was start a new one.

May 28th, 2017

I saw a version of my life that never existed. It was this fake world created by our Father to try to soothe our sorrows—an epilogue that never should have existed. He tried to give us the endings we deserved, but we were unable to have them. This dream hurts the most, because if I let myself believe that it’s real...I could almost...

February 16th, 2018

I dream about Sakonna’s plan in the Arctic Systems Facility. I see the ring of chairs that are set up—I see her body lying with the bullet wound in her head. It’s too much for me to bear. The Android...I see the terrible things that have happened to him. But I see the terrible things he wants to do to us. I’m feeling claustrophobic...

July 4th, 2018

I dream of The Hunter. Issachar makes his mistake and I watch the chaos unfold at Nassau Middle School. The void that encompasses the building as our lives will be forever changed. I see the time of the Collapse—the unification of all of the timelines into the world I live in now. It’s...a miracle. It’s the first positive thing since...since I last saw Ezrael.

September 10th, 2018

I dreamt about my old life again. This time I saw the remains of the Statue of Liberty in the background. The dust settling as we faced off against Samael—back then he was our greatest enemy. Back before everything changed. His name was Jack—Jack Adata. He...he was possessing my body...I remember that much. I saw...them kill me. They had to. Galgaliel had killed him to do it. But it had to be done. Ezrael was there. She was his daughter. much death has happened back then...I...

January 31st, 2019

I see the underwater amusement park housed at the Cressfall Resort. Amnael lured a boy named William Wallace here through time and space so that way he could claim his shell. It didn’t work out for Amnael, however. Just as the Collapse is happening, William seizes the moment and claims Amnael’s power for himself—caging my brother inside of his body. I couldn’t believe it—I didn’t know humans could do such a thing. I see the new world that has opened up, and then I float back to my own caves as I wait here in the darkness—waiting to wake up to the same darkness.

June 18th, 2020

I dreamt of a vast coldness unlike any I’ve ever known. It’s not death—I’ve faced death before. It’s...foreign, unfeeling. It’s clung tight like a newspaper wadded up and crumpled. It scares me, because I saw his faces in the darkness. Kaito’s. All of his victims. All one terrible...terrible face. I couldn’t run away as he came closer to me and whispered with his unnervingly soft voice.

“I just want to add my collection. That’s all. Don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing.”

I don’t...I can’t let him find me. I have to see where he is. I have to warn them about him. It’s much too dangerous now.