Radical-9 Saga

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The Radical-9 Saga consists of seven stories that tell the story of the universe and how one man will go to the lengths to see it crumble. Covering an alternate history where the American government had collapsed in 2013 and Great Britain became the world's superpower. Taking the points of view of several civilians in this new world--including eventually those on another planet entirely far in the history's future--all of time leads to several singularities that have been documented thus.


Radical-9 (2012) / (Anniversary Edition: 2019)

Telos (2013) / (Anniversary Edition: (2022)

Dreamer (2014) / (Anniversary Edition: 2018)

Beyond The Logos: Episode 1 - Khaos (2016)

Beyond The Logos: Episode 2 - Dusk (2017)

Beyond The Logos: Episode 3 - Fracture (2017)

brave new world (2017)