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A collaborative database for the works of Ryan Geever


The Books

Radical-9 Saga

Radical-9 cover.jpg New Telos Cover.jpg Dreamer cover.jpg

A New Dawn cover1.jpg Beyond the Logos Khaos cover.jpg Beyond the Logos Dusk cover.jpg

Beyond the Logos Fracture cover.jpg Beyond the Logos Complete Edition cover.jpg Brave New World cover.jpg

Twelve Monoliths

Good People Die cover.jpg The Corpse of Icarus cover.jpg Child 423 cover.jpg

Become As Gods cover.jpg All For One - Red Monolith.jpg

The Alternate Reality Games

Twelve Monoliths

Vox Populi thumbnail.jpg Cobalt Reverie thumbnail.jpg Quantum thumbnail.jpg

OST.jpg Bridge.jpg

Vermillion Chronomalies (ARG)

Vermillion Chronomalies.gif

Of What Remains

Of What Remains.jpg

The Index


The Discord Server