Become As Gods: Black Monolith

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Become As Gods: Black Monolith is the fourth book in the Twelve Monoliths series. It was released September 18th, 2021. You can read the book for free over here.


Twelve Monoliths.

Twelve Creatures of the Night.

Immediately after Good People Die and two decades after the events of The Corpse of ICARUS and Good People Die bring Allison Fae and LUCAS Gray back into the spotlight.

The collapse of the multiverse combined every single universe into one existence--a massacred wasteland one moment to a sprawling desert the next. Humanity seeks to rebuild what they have lost, but the mysterious paranormal entities that have been meddling in events for far too long have other plans. A multi-point of view epic that explores this new world and gives answers to long-sought-after questions. Will you have the courage to see beyond the night?


In the year 2022 the world was brought asunder from The Collapse, a movement by the Children of the Night to combine the millions of universes that exist in Luxmund into one singular timeline. Issachar, the orchestrator of the command sits out on a cliffside that used to be Mount Sinai in the old world. This scene continues off of the ending scene of both The Corpse of ICARUS. and Child 423.

Issachar is then approached by Samael and told that Z-ONE has been killed, and questions him if he knows anything about it. After an argument where suspicion is placed on Sakonna. Samael tells Issachar that he, Ezrael, and Ormus are going to be forming an investigation unit to figure out exactly who was responsible.

Issachar, not pleased with the turn of events, determines he needs to seek out outside assistance.

Twenty-two years later the scene shifts to a thick brush as Allison Fae hunts down a horse-like creature. She corners and kills it, brandishing a new weapon in her arsenal. When she started dressing her kill and preparing a camp for the night, she is approached by Felix Feliss. The two begin bickering over a past issue and Allison warns him to stop following her. She leaves the camp behind and continues forward onto the path toward Remira.

On the way toward Remira Allison makes camp away from her encounter with Felix. During the night she plugs away at a novel she is working on starring Jace Starr, an old friend of hers. The series is titled The Artifacts of Merlyn.

The next day, she arrives in Remira and questions the inhabitants about rumors of a dragon sighting nearby. After sifting through stories from the town drunk, she comes across an old resident that tells her the dragon was seen flying toward the Tauten Hills.

On her way out of the village she encounters Felix once again. He is determined to get the answers he wants from her, causing an impasse between them. Allison, giving no more warnings or quarter. rushes him with her lance. She discovers that Felix has made a pact with the dragon, who at this point is revealed to be Sakonna. Normally, this would afford him near invincibility, but Allison's own hidden strength is able to break their pact on impact. She leaves Felix mortally wounded and continues on her path toward the Tauten Hills.

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  • Esmeralda Farron
  • George Fae (mentioned)
  • Jaclyn Fae (mentioned)
  • Estelle Gartner
  • Tina Gartner
  • James Grimsby
  • Rosemary Higgins (mentioned)
  • Josephine Higgins (mentioned)
  • Namba Kosunaga
  • Tachi Kosunaga (mentioned)
  • Yvi Ngami
  • Jesiah Smith
  • Johan Rembry
  • Rickshaw
  • Mark Roperd
  • Shark
  • Edwin Rosco
  • Isaac Tanner
  • Elaine Trott
  • Daisy Trott
  • Darren Trott